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. >> thank you very much. >>> still ahead, confederate history month fallout. first, the governor of virginia comes under fire, and then you think the story is over, but now another state leader is being slammed for comments he made on slavery and the civil war. text your comments to "ac 360" or 22360. presidential historian douglas brinkley will join us ahead. >>> also is liz taylor actually engaged again? here's what she is saying about getting married for a ninth time. we have oil on our shores. natural gas can be a part of the solution. i think we need to work on wind resources. they ought to be carefully mapping every conceivable alternative. there is an endless opportunity right here. if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medic
the bill would allow district residents to buy guns and ammunition in maryland and virginia. the bill would also repeal registration requirements. there is a curious line in -- in the 19-page bill that seems to strip the district of columbia of its ability to make any laws related to gun control. we will talk about that tonight. also we are going to ask officials about that and ask about the possible political motivations behind the introduction of the bill right now. so that's a story we are working on. tonight we will have more at 11:00. >> lot going on there. thank you, craig. >>> former tooid d.c. council member jim graham pleaded not guilty to bribery charges today. ted losa is charged with taking cash and services in exchange for pushing laws farable to the taxi cabin industry. prosecutors say that he accepted more than $30,000 along with trips, limo rides, meals. graham denies any wrongdoing and says that he's cooperating with the authorities. law enforcement authorities told "the washington post" graham is not the target of their investigation. >>> welling the deal is done, folks. w
the confederacy heats up, mississippi governor haley barbour weighing in saying why should virginia's governor have mentioned slavery in his proclamation? we will talk with historian douglas brink about the real history of the war and why now, many try to rewrite it. >>> keeping them honest, the ten continue family who sent their newly adopted russian child back, putting him on a plane alone and not even telling russian officials he was coming. this 17-year-old justin hanson that we are talking about, there he is, we blurred his image because of his age and the situation he was involved n he was adopted only about six months ago but last week, he showed up, as you probably know, up announced at russia's child protection ministry with a note from his adopted family saying he was violent and the mom was misled by adoption officials in russia. russian officials are furious, threatening to suspend all adoption buys americans. today, tennessee law enforcement officials held a news conference but the truth is as you are going to see, they are having trouble investigating the case because just answer
george corley wallace. what the world needs now more of this talk, virginia's new republican governor bob mcdonnell has declared april to be confederate history month. to read his proclamation you would think the war was a joyous war of independence. great stuff all around. got overwhelmed by too much firepower up north. not a word about slavery being the issue or the election of abraham lincoln causing succession. former governor doug water of virginia says the confederate history month stuff is mind-boggling. we're going to talk about what just happened. >>> and will the real john mccain please stand up? he now says he's never considered himself a maverick. could someone please remind him he boasted about his maverick credentials throughout the entire 2008 campaign? we'll remind him tonight, go to the videotape. we're rounding up the mavericks tonight. >>> also, why is president obama having so much trouble winning over white-working-class americans? and how can he win a mandate in 2012 he can't do the job? we'll get to that one. >>> let me finish tonight with thoughts on p
phone calls in the night. virginia celebrates the confederacy. and also where we start tonight with governor's bob mcdonnell's decision. and virginia ron yagan a former radio talk show host working on a book about his dad. and pat buchanan and msnbc analyst. start with what happened in minnesota today. it's an amazing event. we'll get to the confederate stuff later. what's going on? show you right now is governor palin today with balkman. very fascinating political figures. very good on the stump. much more exciting than mitch mcconnell or john boehner. here is the new starpower of the republican party. let's watch today. >> on the outside i am here to testify she is 20 times more beautiful on the inside. please help me welcome governor sarah palin. >> you know, pat, i think i had a small role here in hosting this program one day when michelle bachmann came on and said we ought to have a media investigation. you were here. and the senate out of that -- a caterpillar became a butterfly and saw her today. she's dazzle on the stump. her speech today was so well given. i think that
county in the low 40s. it's below freezing in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia, near 30 degrees there. near 40 now on the eastern shore. mid-40s through southern virginia. and over the last 12 hours we've had the afternoon clouds break up and overnight we cleared out and starting off clear and chilly this morning. later on today, blustery northwest winds. it's going to be cool with lots of sunshine, though, highs reaching the low to mid-60s. and then another chilly night tonight. back down to near 40 degrees by dawn tomorrow. but with bright april sun and a diminishing wind on thursday we should make it to near 70. then feeling like summertime on friday and saturday, both days highs climbing into the low 80s, morning lows near 50 on friday, near 60 on saturday. we'll take a look at sunday and next week coming up this half hour. how's traffic? >> as we get under way, pretty quiet. had a bunch of road work, now looks like we're doing well on the beltway near arlington boulevard and in the overnight hours authorities were detouring traffic off the inner loop to i-66 beca
virginia, our clergy is our grief counselors. we have, you know, these are tough people and they do it all. i don't know how to explain it. it's so different. the people, they're solid and they're coming together and they understand the depths of this. and family members, i told the family members, i said i know there's no use to tell you this, if you can go home and get some rest, i know they won't but if you need to change your clothes or whatever, you have a lot of information now until we get the first hole through to know what conditions we're dealing with and knowing that the rescue teams can go in or how quickly. so you're looking at maybe 12 plus hours for that. >> are any of the miners who got out still in the hospital? >> two. one in beckly and one in charleston. >> no one has briefed him yet. not that i know of. the only debriefing that's going on and the way that the four miners were identified is local rescuers who knew them. and people said, how come you haven't identified the other 14? there was a total of 18 unidentified. you identified four, why not the other 14? we had
crafted by tom davis, a former republican congressman from virginia, and addressed that the united states is fighting for democracy and freedom in baghdad and kabul, capitals where they can vote for the leaders, and americans cannot their own nation, and more americans from d.c. have died in those wars and in korea and vietnam and world war ii than in southern -- seven other states. >> d.c. used to be twice as big as aids. at the virginia side was returned -- and became twice as big as it is. the virginia side was returned and became part of virginia. you have the district be in maryland and have it for a senator and members of the house. it is the obvious answer, one that nobody will accept. >> in baltimore? last word. thanks, see you next week. for a transcript of this broadcast, log on to what did you do that for? i've been wondering whether i'd like it. what's the decision? i don't know yet. you can have another c you know what they are?
a lot of political weight in west virginia and has always fought against tightening mine safety regulations and always fought against mining labor rights and things like that. but also it's really important to say that this kind of deep underground mining and gassy mines is just dangerous. and it's always been dangerous. and there's no way that you can do this kind of thing and not run the risk with these kinds of explosions. >> yeah. absolutely. it is dangerous work. when you hear these family members, certainly you want, if possible, the best circumstances for those people who put their lives on the line and go into those coal mines, work that honestly nobody wants to do. >>> coming up in less than 30 minutes, we're going to talk to a former minor and author from the west virginia area about the safety dangers these miners, generation upon generation face when they go on and do that work. >>> developing now, an aaronment hearing is being held in a massachusetts courtroom at this hour for three teenagers charged in the bullying of a 15-year-old girl who committed suicide. none
bring those qualities to domestic mining policy? at least 25 dead in west virginia. any real chance of rescuing four potential survivors could not have begun until tonight because it is all cheaper that way. >>> an arrest in washington state of a man who allegedly threatened the life of a united states senator over the new health care laws. [ tires screech ] ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ that's two for doubting. [ chuckles ] you hit like my sister. really? i'd like to meet her. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen cc. award-winning design starting under $28,000. it's a whole new volkswagen, and a whole new game. award-winning design starting under $28,000. these are actual farmers who raise vegetables in campbell's condensed soup. so if you've ever wondered who grew my soup, well, here they are. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ because with national, i roll past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. choosing your own car? now that's a good call. go national. go like a pro. >>> death threats against a u.s. senator because of how she voted on health care reform. a
mining policy? at least 25 dead in west virginia. any real chance of rescuing four potential survivors could not even have begun until tonight, because it's all cheaper that way. >>> also, an arrest in washington state of a man who allegedly threatened the life of a united states senator over the new health care laws. [ female announcer ] breathe right asks... [ woman ] could i ask you to strip on the street? absolutely! i have a lot of stuffiness at night. it wakes me up. i have allergies. ♪ you're right. i'm getting more air. -oh, yeah. -oh, wow! [ female announcer ] for two free samples, go to >>> death threats against a u.s. senator because of how she voted on health care reform. and how a state attorney general was bribed or blackmailed into joining that frivolous lawsuit against it. another senator and top conservative columnist rip fox news claiming it can bias viewers and republicans who thought fox was working for them have learned they are working for fox. >>> new developments in worst persons in the weekend at bernie's case. the family that tried to board
. >>> we start in west virginia where hope is fading but it is still there that rescue crews will be able to get back into the upper big branch mine and find four missing west virginia miners alive. the search teams got the all clear and made a mad bash back inside. yesterday they got within 500 feet but forced to turn back because of dangerous gas levels and fears of possibly another explosion. one of two injured miners who survived has been released by the hospital. the ap reports he's not talking to anyone this morning. give us a sense of how optimistic they are as they get set to go back into the mine and look for the four missing mine re rers. >> reporter: they are still hopeful. keep in mind we're at hour 6 since the fatal blast in naoma, west virginia. these men should have made it by this point to the long wall. section 22, this is this 2,000 foot stretch of wall deep inside this coal mine where the rescue teams believe three of the four missing miners are located and also where they've been honing in on this rescue chamber. as everyone been repeating, if there's any hope of survi
. >> it was a brilliant compromise crafted by tom davis, a former congressman from virginia, which is that americans are fighting for democracy and freedom in baghdad and kabul, capitals where they can vote for their leaders, and americans cannot, and more americans from d.c. have died in those wars and korea and vietnam and world war ii than in seven other states which do have voting rights. >> there is a logical solution, which is, remember, d.c. used to be twice as big as it is. the virginia side was returned and became part of a virginia pit all those who live in that area have at the vote, members of congress and the senate. you have the district be in maryland and have a vote for senator and members of the house. it is the obvious answer and one that nobody will accept. >> last word. see you next week. announcer: whether it's earning a promotion... they're the culmination of lots of hard work. the graduate school has more ways to get you the knowledge you need to reach your next goal, your next great moment, with continuing education programs to fit your schedule and lifestyle. learn more. vis
paul stevens announces his retirement -- who will present an obama named to replace him? >> virginia had been the capital of confederacy. >> confederacy history month in virginia. wasn't slaver worth a mention? >> slavery was the controlling and central issue and i don't know anyone with historical creance -- credence would differ with that? >> the united states has used nuclear-weapons only twice, against her were she not and nagasaki toward the end of world war ii. afterwards japan surrendered. once we have the bomb the soviets wanted one and the nuclear arms race was on. president obama announced he is reworking america's nuclear strategy, scaling back the role of nuclear weapons in the nation's defense and putting limits on when they can be used. in prague the president and his russian counterpart signed an agreement to cut their nuclear weapons by one-third over the next seven years. president obama is pledging not to go nuclear against countries will abide by the nuclear non- proliferation treaty if it -- even if they attack the u.s. with chemical or biological weapons. the pre
been digging throughout the night to try to release toxic gases at the mine in west virginia where 25 mines are died in an explosion on monday. in the meantime, the search continues for the four miners who are still missing. >> fox 5's will thomas has been out at the upper big branch mine in montcoal all morning long watching the latest developments. will johns us now with new details. what is going on? >> good morning to you. we just received an update a short time ago from governor manchin and the administration for coal mine safety and health. there has been significant progress overnight. some good news to report. instead of focusing on just two holes where they're trying to ventilate the area where the men are believed to be, the four missing miners, they are now efforting a total of four and one of those holes has already penetrated this area. they are concentrating specifically on a 20 by 1,000- foot area where the four missing miners are believed to be. methane lefts are too high for rest users to reenter so they are veptding out the area society rescue teams can access the me
.c. this is washington county, frederick county and maryland. also jefferson and burkely counties and west virginia. there you can see the purple box here. you see a nice little hook echo or indentation. this is a doppler radar-indicated tornado. but you need to take this seriously and seek shelter. there is a severe thunderstorm watch. sometimes even though it's a thunderstorm watch and not a tornado watch, sometimes tornado do occur. now, it is a tornado watch across parts of florida. at this hour we saw one line move through earlier today that produced a little tree damage and some hail in gainesville. that second is coming off the gulf of mexico. we could possibly see this sneak a little further to the south. watch out in the tampa area. you will likely see winds in excess of 60 miles with this storm and possible tornadoes. if we get any warnings, we will bring it along to you. the greatest threat of severe weather stretch as cross the eastern seaboard from pennsylvania stretching down into parts of florida. this is a slight risk day. we are not expecting near the number of or severity that we
haven't been voting democrats in massachusetts and new jersey and virginia. one point about sarah palin, i think she's doing something very smart here. i think sarah palin's decided it's more important for her to be the power behind 1,000 thrones than sit on the throne herself. she's out there now supporting candidates and republicans and conservatives all over the place and uniting that populist anger paul is talking about. i think she's becoming an even more powerful political force. >> everybody says they don't like partisanship and democrats bash republicans on partisanship. there's a new liberal group that's called "crash the party" and says it will go to tea parties and blend in and be as outrageous as they can, doesn't that add to the fractured nature of politics in america dao? is that really a good smart thing for this group to be doing? >> it's not something i would do and not something i'm encouraging. if i were crashing the party i would bring a sign that says tax cuts for the middle class not millionaires. that's not mischief trying to give the democratic message to folks s
. for example, virginia's new asounding attorney general, released a statement saying that the lawsuit he was bringing to overturn health care was only expected to cost virginia taxpayers a total of $350. this is amazing. listen to this. quote, attorney general kenneth t.cuccinelli released the cost of the lawsuit his office launched against the federal file health care reform act. the court filing fee for the case was $350 there has been no cost above this amount as the litigation is being handled entirely by the attorney general's staff. wait a minute. the attorney general and his staff work for free? they're doing this one pro bono with their own office supplies, sitting in their cars at the parking lot, not while they're at work, having their salaries and expenses paid for by the good taxpayers of the state of virginia? amazing. absolutely amazing. even more amazing, though, is what's happening in the great state of georgia. georgia's republican governor sonny purdue wanted very badly to get in on the frivolous action, but his attorney general, thurbert baker refused, telling the gove
and we should see -- you can see toward west virginia, plenty of clear skies. we should be in for a mostly sunny day and warm. temperatures will jump into the 70s and top out in the low 80s. well off to the north and west, the cold front that gets in here tonight, that will give us a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 6:00 or 7:00 tonight and then cooler and drier for the weekend. i'll have more details on that in a couple of minutes. but for today, becoming mostly sunny and warm. breezy as well with high temperatures about 82 degrees. get out and enjoy that one. that's a look at the forecast. let's get to julie wright with the latest on-time traffic this morning. good morning. >>> good morning to you tucker barnes. we have a serious incident up in baltimore, south of town, we have received word that there is a tanker truck partially hanging over a bridge on pennington avenue. which used to be approach to the key bridge, we're told there is a tanker truck hanging over an embankment, sky fox is en route. on the south side of baltimore. not a heavily traveled road b
is in montcoal, west virginia. she's been covering the story. norah, and good, we have your live shot up. any late information on the fate of the four? >> reporter: only that the news has gotten more grim overnight. a federal safety official saying the situation is dire. some of the rescuers had tried to go after those other four missing miners who are believed to be more than 1,000 feet under. but, of course, the rising methane gas levels made it very, very dangerous for them. so they decided to call off the search. they had hoped that some of those missing four miners had reached these air-tight chambers that are stocked with food and oxygen where they can survive for four hours. they made it to one of those air-tight chambers. nobody was there. they couldn't make it to the second air-tight chamber because, again, those rising methane gas levels just made it very, very dangerous. so they're saying the situation is dire. mika, i couldn't hear everything about the governor was saying. he's not far from where i am. but just to sort of recap, we learned overnight 25 dead. these additional 4 sti
of west virginia next. >>> plus, look at this. they're calling it a fireball in the sky. the story behind these incredible images ahead on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] there's one reason why over the past 100 years generations of men have trusted gillette. when it comes to shaving, we've given them our best. and on june 6th, we'll give them something even better. [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ right now, walmart has rolled back prices on top lawn care brands like poulan pro, brute by briggs & stratton, pennington, scotts and spectracide. along with thousands of others all over the store. it's rollback time! save money. live better. walmart. >>> welcome back. i'm tamron hall live in the control room at msnbc. president obama has order'd sweeping federal review of coal mine safety
of west virginia, senator rockefeller. thank you for your time tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> what are you hearing about the accident so far and the rescue efforts? can you add anything to what we know thus far? >> probably not a great deal. and i think that's important. i think it's incredibly important we get these highly emotional, highly traumatized, highly professionally complex and very mysterious, what are the circumstances, what caused it, lots of smoke, lots of traffic, everything clogged, nobody able to move anywhere. it's very important not to say more than you actually know. if people tell me there are 7 people dead, and that's what they have, or that there's 21 or 28, depending upon who says it, who are still -- that being 49 still waiting to see what happens to them, that makes me worry very deeply. primarily because it is underground, and when i've been underground in situations like that, or after that, it's -- it's a really, really scary situation. you don't know where you are. the dust that ken ward was just talking about, the smoke that he was just talki
meltdown and the mine disaster in west virginia. the same root cause, a broken regulatory system says arianna huffington. she connects the dots. >>> martha stewart fixes a wardrobe malfunction for a major league baseball player? >>> al gore outstalks the producer. >> what's your reaction to the fact -- what's your reaction to the fact that -- >> i'm not doing an interview right now. >> and sarah palin's inconvenient taxable income. how much has she made since she walked out as governor of alaska? >> we're retreating in another direction. >> the direction of $12 million. how is that selly outy thing working for you? that woman is an idiot. all the news and commentary now on "countdown." >> you are naive if you don't see a full-court press -- >>> good evening from new york. in dozens of nations around the world, there is enough nuclear material the professionals estimate to construct more than 120,000 nuclear weapons. al qaeda only needs enough to make one. in our fourth -- fifth story tonight, president obama today concluded the biggest summit of world leaders, convened by an american
. >>> following a number of other stories tonight, joe johns joins us with a "360" bulletin. >> west virginia governor has ordered immediate inspection of all underground coal mines and asked the state's 200 underground coal mines to cease production tomorrow to honor the 29 miners killed last week at the upper big branch mine. >>> michelle obama visited schools in mexico and talked about everything from poverty to climate change. she also sat down with a reporter and told him about the strict rules the daughters have to follow when it comes to technology. >> we try to establish a set of guidelines and rules that make sense. no computers, phones, television during the week. we talk a lot with them about the dangers of facebook and sort of getting into that social networking kind of gossip mill or -- you know, that comes from those arctiveties. >> a new report by the federal reserve finds economic recovery is spreading to most parts of the country. merchants are seeing better sales and factories are boosting production but many companies are still wary of ramping up hiring. >>> a new study con
of the confederacy. >> confederate history month in virginia. wasn't thrilled -- slavery worth a mention? >> slavery was the controlling central issue and i don't know anyone with historical credence to would differ with that. >> the united states has used nuclear-weapons only twice -- against the japanese cities of hiroshima and nagasaki toward the end of world war ii. afterwards japan surrendered. then the soviets wanted one and the nuclear arms race was on. president obama announced he is reworking america's nuclear strategy, scaling back the role of nuclear weapons in the nation's defense and putting limits on when they can be used. in prague the president and his russian counterpart signed an agreement to cut the nuclear weapons by one-third over the next seven years. president obama is pledging not to go nuclear against countries to abide by the nuclear non- proliferation treaty even if they attack the united states with chemical or biological weapons. the president's critics say he is weakening our defense posture. do you agree? >> know. funny, there are a lot of loopholes -- what news -- wel
at an angry town hall. >>> first, breaking news after the break. we'll take you back to west virginia where we are moments away from the latest live update on the mining disaster. coal of course, the cheapest and dirtiest source of electricity in our country, providing just about half of it. 25 dead. four trapped. the governor speaks in minutes here on msnbc. it's a tasty, nutritious way to make this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's your number? aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. a
more ran from virginia. go. >> congressman more ran. >> yes. jason mater are a from virginia. >> big fan, 12th district of virginia. >> good. >> we got $2 million of stimulus money. >> yeah. >> so i wanted to thank you about that. >> that's good. >> even though the state of virginia says the 12th district does not exist. >> yeah. >> it was one of those bogus districts that didn't get any money. look, look. i have got something else to do. don't, that's really inappropriate for you to pull -- i understand i have got other things to do. >> are you apologetic at all that you are wasting taxpayer dollars with billions of stimulus package? supposed to create 3 million jobs. supposed to create 3 million jobs. you lost 3 million jobs. >> show some respect. >> bill: that reminded me of the jim bunning interview when the guys -- got him in the elevator and he was saying look, show some respect. how do you reply? >> listen, barack obama and his bevy of czars have piled up more debt with the first period of his administration that george w. bush spent in eight years. this fiscal time bomb is wa
but only in virginia. president obama's decision to open up offshore drilling is driving a wedge between democrats. senator frank lautenberg saying drilling off the coast of virginia would endanger many of new jersey's beaches, but virginia democratic senators jim webb and mark warner are firmly on board urging president obama to move very quickly to open mid atlantic shores for oil and gas exploration. with us now for a fair and balanced debate, bob beckel. he's professor of advanced political studies at george washington university, he's also a fox news contributor. and dana perino, former white house press secretary, she's a fox news contributor as well. welcome to you both. >> thank you. trace: bob, you knew -- the president had to know which this going to raise a ruckus in the democratic party, right? >> oh, sure, he did. it was something he said he would do in the campaign, but the amount of drills we're talking about here is an awful lot. so the question is politically how does it play out for him? one, it does attract independent voters, but secondly, it will set the stage, i thi
for metro customers if you ride the yellow or blue lines. a bit after slow go in virginia. metro single tracking between the reagan airport and the crystal city station because of a derailment. metro service says normal service should be back up and running farrly soon. >>> julie wright has the traffic now. >> we'll start off with the crew in sky fox. we have abeen checking out the ride around town. for those traveling westbound 495, tip kiel slowdown now awaiting you as you travel west of new hampshire avenue. -- typical slow downnow awaiting you as you travel west of new hampshire avenue. we'll take it back inside and update the ride southbound along 270. lane are open on the top stretch approaching and passing 109. we do find delays here in germantown headed south of father hurly boulevard. you will slow again montrose road headed out towards the split. coming in from the west, 66 is slowing in manassas. you will find delays at 13, nutley street to the beltway. live shot here the inbound new york avenue. you will find delays trying to get through the traffic lights here at bladensbu
who won indiana, north carolina, virginia. he's a democrat and this whole idea of delegitimizing him. >> let me tell you -- >> it speaks to dealing with the election. >> we're about the same. i'm older than you. you talk about your kids today, they don't know what we're talking about. they don't understand the way limbaugh is talking. >> you, i don't think so. >> they think he's one of us. no question about it. if you're out, you're black, you're white, you're in. that's old talk. >> that's -- >> that's your grandparents talking. >> his name and his father and it's all mixed up in some jumble of -- >> you think the limbaugh audience not to knock anyone who listens to radio. he's a great entertainer and he's a smart guy. but could it be that the people listening to him on the radio are mad at their kids because their kids disagree with him? the kids don't think this guy is illegitimate. the kids want the health care bill. the kids voted for them. >> some of them are mad at a lot of things. >> maybe the kids too. >> their boss, their wiveses. >> i believe rush limbaugh is basically a s
memorial service in west virginia for the 29 coal miner who's died in the tragic explosion earlier this month. kimberly has the story. >> such a tragic story but a beautiful ceremony. president obama and vice president biden travel to virginia today to mark the country's first mine disaster in 40 years to help the people of the cold river valley begin the healing process. during the ceremony family members of each of the 29 miners placed helmets on crosses at the front of the stage. in his eulogy he reminded the audience the miners died pursuing the american dream and the country of th owe them a de. >> the task to save lives from being lost from another such tragedy. to do what we must do i think individually and collectively to ensure safe conditions under ground. to treat miners like they treat each other like a family. we are all family and we are all americans. >> the president also declared the disaster a failure of the mine's management and also a failure of oversight in a blog so rit elled with loopholes they allow unsafe conditions to continue. investigators say it will be
because if they were armed that would have been against the law in d.c. demonstrators in virginia were very much armed. they gathered on national parkland thanks to a law signed by president obama earlier this year expanding gun rights in national parks it was perfectly legal for them to carry weapons. it must have been embarrassing about people kblaning about president obama infringing their gun rights they could be there because he expanded their rights. several estimates put dozens at the armed rally in virginia and hundreds at the unarmed rally in washington, d.c. those low numbers didn't stop an actual member of congress from turning out to address this teeny tiny group of people. >> we have a lot of domestic enemies of the constitution and they are right down the mall in the congress of the united states. right down independence avenue in the white house. it belongs to us. it is not about my ability to hunt, which i love to do. it is not about the ability for me to protect my family and my property against criminals, which we have the right to do. but it is all about us protectin
her if that tragedy in west virginia should have been prevented. and in wall to wall tonight, the president's vision for nasa's future. the president says he'll be alive when americans land on mars, but he has many critics, as we give them their say too, we'll show how all of us benefit from the american space program. in our pulse tonight, the tea party movement. there are protests here in washington and across the country. i'll ask a leader of that movement, the former republican congressman dick armey how he sees the political future playing out in this election year. first, as always, a few observations. >>> it is tax day. always a good time to reflect on the price and the power of our government. there are tea party rallies as we noted from coast to coast including right here in the capitol. tea is taxed enough already. as we listen to the frustration, we'll ask tonight if this protest movement has what it takes to evolve into a political force. first, we'll tackle two tragedies and questions about whether the government is using its power wisely. no is the answer two le
the river to virginia to what organizers called a restore the constitution rally. it was held in national parkland along the potomac in virginia so that those attending could bring their firearms. it was an honest crowd and many were quick to label those as the fringe element. whatever you call them, their disaffection was very real. >> a pump shotgun. the primary i guess you call it home defense weapon. because with a shotgun, you can neutralize a threat, although i hope i never have to do that. what people miss is that obama has outpushed bush in, you know, kind of the disdain for the constitution. i think he's carried on the negative policies of bush. we are still overseas, and the president said that he was going to bring our troops home. and that has not happened. >> hillary clinton announced at the beginning of the year that she was going to work with the u.n. on the small arms treaty. so assuming that passes, they're going to find some way to -- to logistically get around the constitution to take away the right to bear arms. >> have you always felt that way in terms of frustration
that democrats chances of winning the states they won last time, surprise states, north carolina, virginia, how did they do in florida eventually? three states. they have a southern strategy. i was talking to dan rather this weekend. he thinks there's a southern strategy afoot in the republican party. they're going to begin their campaign for 2012 by locking up the solid south again on the right. >> first thing declare confederate heritage month. >> don't mention slavery when do you it. >> all part of this is effort to just solidify the south as your beginning block to bring down obama. take away florida. take away north carolina. take away virginia. move north. >> uh-huh. >> that's been the republican strategy for a generation. it began with this group, by the way, that first met in 1969. the southern republican leadership conference. that's really where it began with a guy named clark read, a mississippian who is still there and very enthusiastic, by the way, about the republicans' chances this year. >> he's still there? >> very much so. >> a young party. they seem to be the heart of the repu
front royal, virginia, on the democrat's line. caller: yes. what people need to do is look in the bible and it tells you what is going to happen, ezekiel 38 and 39, it tells you exactly what is going to happen. host: 10 more minutes of your calls. venezuela -- china's $20 billion bolster of chavez. inside i will show you a little bit of the article of where the money is going toward venezuela. china bolsters hugo chavez with a credit of $20 billion -- and a picture of the chinese representative meeting with hugo chavez over the weekend. mr. travis said it will be used for highways and other projects and will be repaid with crude -- mr. chavez said it will be used for highways and other products -- projects. southboro, in massachusetts. peter on the independent line. caller: i don't understand all of the attention that is given to iran, given that iran has never attacked anyone. we overthrew the newly elected government in 1953. we supported iraq in the suit -- in the war against iran and hence we ended up with saddam hussein. yet someone like israel has nuclear weapons has attacked leba
who supported the bill. don? >> casey, thank you. >>> in west virginia, the president attended a memorial service for the 29 coal miners who died this month. ♪ the workers were killed in an explosion, the nation's worst mine disaster in four decades. today's service featured a photo of each of the men with their families placing helmets atop 29 white crosses. president obama talked about the men who took on such dangerous work. >> all that hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. it was all for you. for a car in the driveway, a roof overhead, for a chance to give their kids opportunities that they would never know and enjoy retirement with their spouses. it was all in the hopes of something better. and so these miners lived as they died, in pursuit of the american dream. >> the president said one way to honor the memory of the lost miners is to make the nation's mines safer. >>> as the president was leaving north carolina for west virginia, police arrested a man with a gun at the asheville airport. police say joseph mcveiay, 2
to virginia. michael, good morning. a republican. >> caller: yes, how are you this morning? >> host: doing fine. go ahead with your comment. >> caller: hey, i'm very grateful for all this young man is saying. let me say this, i worked on the maybe campaign and i was over seven counties in west virginia, okay? and i understand where you're coming from about, you know, mccain not being a conservative and the ground game and everything. but we also need to place some blame on young people or whoever was working in the field that didn't take their own initiative. i had -- i started an internship and had 27 interns from james madison university. no one told me to do that. i did that on my own accord. and so, therefore, you have to -- the ground game has to be creative. and do their own thing. and know how to bring people in. so you can't totally blame it on maybe. i think a lot of it has to do with the people on the ground that you got working for you and how professional they are. >> guest: well, a lot has to be pinned on mccain. i mean, his ground game has the -- should have the resources. ob
rights rally in northern virginia. i guess it makes them feel better. a couple hundred more protested without their guns on the national mall. hold it right there. here's the thing. why didn't they do this in the last eight years? why now? what has barack obama done? what have the democrats done? what have the liberals done? they don't even know why they're upset. government takeover of health care. is that it? wall street. okay, well figure this out. the democrats want to reel in wall street and the republicans are against it. where do these tea bag nut jobs stand on that one? former alabama minuteman leader mike vanderbow told the crowd armed confrontation should only be used when the government threatens people's lives but he left the door open for violence if people refuse arrest for refusing to buy health insurance. i can't believe i'm quoting this guy tonight. "if i know i'm not going to get a fair trial in federal court, i at least have the right to have an unfair gunfight." he's a smart one, isn't he? this is the same guy who advocated throwing bricks through windows to protes
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